difference between impounded car insurance and impounded van insurance

Difference between impounded car insurance & impounded van insurance

Impounded car insurance provides you with the insurance you need to release an impounded car from the police pound. If you need to release your car from the police pound, you will have to prove that the car is insured for a minimum of 30 days. With impounded car insurance, you get the 30-day coverage you need easily and quickly.

With our insurance for impounded cars, you can get the insurance policy you need in a few minutes, with your insurance documents mailed to you quickly saving you money and time.

It is necessary to ensure you have the right insurance as most standard insurance policies will not cover releasing the car from the police pound. Purchasing the wrong policy will cost you much more, so it is good to get it right.

Why do you need temporary impounded car insurance?

No matter what the offense, to get your car released, you must have insurance in place. If you don’t have an annual policy or your existing insurance will not cover impounded cars, then you should purchase insurance for impounded cars.

Impounded cars are seen as high risk by insurance providers. Most annual insurance providers will not provide coverage, so a temporary insurance policy will be the best option for you.

You will be required a special short-term impounded cover. A standard temporary insurance policy will not release an impounded car because it only lasts for 28 days. You will need a minimum of 30 days’ insurance to release it. Our specialist 30-day impound insurance provides you with what you need to release it.

Remember, you will have just 7 working days to release your vehicle, and the longer you leave it, the storage fee will increase which you don’t want. If you are unable to reclaim your car or fail to present the correct documents within 14 days, your car will be scrapped or auctioned. In such conditions, insurance for impounded cars is the ideal solution. This procedure is quite easy and straightforward with insurance quotes available in a few minutes saving you money and time.

What is impounded van insurance?

If you rely on your van to keep your business up and running and it gets impounded by the police, it can get a very challenging time. Whatever the reason is that your van has been impounded, you must return your whole focus to getting it released as early as possible.

There are a few things you will have to do to release your impounded van. And one of the obvious ones is insurance coverage. Without insurance coverage, the police will not release your van even if you have everything in order.

However, getting insurance in place for an impounded van can be challenging. Many insurance providers will not provide insurance for impounded vans. With specialist impounded van insurance from Release my vehicle. You can get the cover that will give you exactly what you need to release your van.

This sort of policy is particularly designed to allow you to release your van quickly and without much fuss. The minimum length of cover that the police and other authorities will expect to see is 30 days of insurance. So that is exactly what you will obtain from van impound insurance.

If you need to release your van as a matter of urgency. You will be happy to know that you can have cover in place almost quickly. And we have made arranging it as easy as possible.

How can you release an impounded van?

Without specialist impound insurance, you will not be able to release your impounded van. You may well have an annual policy already. But there is every chance that your current arrangement does not cover you for impound or there is every chance your van does not have insurance at all. It could well be the reason behind its impoundment. And you will need to do something really quickly.

You could pay to take out an annual impounded van insurance policy but this could be very costly at a time. When you are already having to pay out other charges just to release your van. Therefore, a temporary insurance policy can make a lot of sense.

But you can’t just take out the standard cover. That is because the time limit on one of those policies is set at a minimum of 28 days. Whereas you will be required to have 30 30 days of insurance to release your van. However, there are temporary impound insurance policies that give exactly what you need.

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