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4 Tips for getting a Private Hire Insurance Quote that gives competitive outcomes.

Compare prices for private hire insurance quote with Protect My Taxi and opt for the most suitable one. If you’re a private hire taxi driver, you must carry private hire taxi insurance whether your customers book their journeys using an on-demand taxi-hailing app like Uber, Ola, or Gett, or if your minicab firm accepts reservations through its own taxi office or website.

There are no surprises. But you might be surprise to learn exactly how much this kind of insurance can cost, especially if you’re a novice minicab driver.

If you were insuring the exact same vehicle—a car or people carrier—for domestic use, you might pay 50%, 60%, or even 80% less for regular, everyday auto insurance for that vehicle.

With insurance specialists like Protect My Taxi, you will find it easy to obtain a high-quality, private-hire insurance policy. We want to make sure that this policy satisfies all of your specific needs and demands.

Private hire could be expensive. Here’s why

Therefore, even when you are able to locate a great deal on private hire taxi insurance, Even when you do manage to find a great rate, private hire taxi insurance is still expensive because minicabs are more likely to be involve in accidents because they are on the road more frequently than other cars and may also travel farther.

The only way to be sure you’re obtaining an insurance policy that matches your demands at a price that doesn’t burn a giant hole in your pocket is to compare private hire taxi insurance quotes from a wide range of taxi insurers providers.

4 tips & strategies to lower your insurance costs for a cheap private hire insurance quote

Compare quotes:

If your goal is to obtain cheaper private hire taxi insurance, comparing quotes from a variety of taxi insurers is crucial. However, there are a few other steps you can take in addition to using a taxi insurance comparison site. For starters, consider the following three important pointers.

Park your minicab off-road:

If you park your taxi on the side of a major city street, you run a higher risk of being hit from behind by a passing car. Rear-ended by a negligent driver, or the target of thieves. Therefore, by parking your private hire taxi in your own driveway or garage. You may be able to minimize the cost of your PHV insurance. Since there is less chance that your private hire taxi will be damaged. When you’re not working, parking it in your driveway or garage is likely to lower the cost of your PHV insurance.

Rather than paying monthly, pay your taxi insurance annually: 

Most taxi drivers will discover that they save a little money on their insurance. If they choose to pay for the entire year upfront. However, many private hire taxi insurers will give minicab drivers the option to pay off their policy each month.

Invest in a low-cost, dependable vehicle rather than a high-end one: 

The price of your private hire insurance policy will depend on the make, model, and age of your minicab. Determining to drive a high-end vehicle will therefore affect your premium. You might discover that you are given a better rate for your private hire insurance. If you choose to purchase a cheap, dependable taxicab instead.

How Cost o private hire insurance is  Calculate

The cost of a private hire policy will differ depending on a few different factors. The first considerations are the driver’s age, driving history, and claim history. The next consideration is the value and current condition of the vehicle being drive. The last item on the list is the quantity of vehicles cover by the coverage. Private hire businesses frequently combine all of their vehicle insurance policies into one to reduce costs and simplify paperwork.

Why choose us?

To assist you in finding appropriate taxi insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Protect My Taxi is collaborating with one of the most reliable taxi insurance brokers in the UK. Protect My Taxi Insurance is dedicate to giving you coverage for your taxi business as well as your vehicle. As a busy cab driver, you can choose from a variety of covers that can include.

  • Key Care Cover 
  • Protect My Taxi Breakdown Cover
  • Defining Public Liability
  • Employer Liability Insurance

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