3 factors for ideal work trouser durability

We all know that the work environment, our teammates, tools, potential promotion opportunities and good pay all lead to happy, productive workers.  But it’s critical never to overlook just how important the right work-wear is, too.  In 1993, Wallace and Gromit thrilled the world with their tale about “The Wrong Trousers”, so now it’s our turn to emphasise that the wrong trousers at work is about much more than just style.  The right trousers at work are about putting safety, practicality and comfort together and then reaping the exponential benefits – which is why, today, we’re taking a deep dive into DeWalt work trousers, and what makes them so gosh darn good.  And the answer really is all about durability: how long they last, and for how long your workers will want to keep wearing them!

To the uninitiated, DeWalt is perhaps best known for having its name slapped on more industrial power tools than any other rival.  But a company renowned for industrial engineering, building and design obviously knows an awful lot about how quality and durability can be directed into whatever advanced workplace technology it sets its mind on – including work clothing, as well.  So how does DeWalt stand out from the crowd with the most durable trouser products?

1. Comfort

Obviously, those work trousers need to work hard for a long time.  But even before all those features and functionality, there’s something that’s even more important – comfort.  So while competitor products may put their focus on function, DeWalt work trousers are simply more fun to wear, which is why your workers will want to wear them.  A lot.

Depending on the specific product, it’s achieved with meticulously thought-through features like knee padding, clever low-rise, casual-fit waists that sit just on the most comfortable part of the hip, and quality, supple, strong-yet-stretchy materials that walk the tightrope between comfort and longevity with extreme skill.

2. Materials

There aren’t many brands that understand just how important the right workwear materials are – because it’s about more than just safety and all the necessary and handy pockets.  It’s about worker performance around hazardous tools, sites and chemicals, and in all sorts of weather and conditions, for one reason: keeping workers energised and productive.  

So depending on the particular DeWalt work trousers you select, the materials may be fire resistant, moisture-wicking and breathable – and so much more.  That means you’re looking at a combination of advanced materials like polyamide fibres, polyester, polycottons, micromesh composites, natural and high-performance fibres like the addition of ceramics, carbon fibre and even stainless steel balanced against the importance of keeping it all lightweight and casual-like comfort.

3. Durability

If there’s something specific about DeWalt trousers, it’s this: they last.  It’s obvious that the various pockets, pouches and holsters are what you look for in the specifics of the actual workplace-specific trousers you’re looking at, but as we’ve already suggested it’s DeWalt’s focus on balancing the specific functionality against comfort and long-lasting performance that makes the difference.  So in addition to super-strength fabrics and detailed quality like triple-stitching, it’s a brand that really cares about a simple, stylish and classic bedrock of its work trouser designs with familiar, casual fitting.  Details like bar-tack stitching to keep knee pads in place, and near-indestructible construction of tunnel belts, hammer loops and zippers show that DeWalt understands every aspect of why you love your favourite work trousers the most.

Are you ready to choose the perfect DeWalt work trousers for your business, work site, industry or job?  As a specialist workwear manufacturer, DeWalt produces an impressive range of work trousers that differ in durability, comfort, weight, fabric, fit, features and national work wear standards, so get in touch with our helpful industry guides for assistance. For a full range of Dewalt work trousers, visit RS

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