Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai | Best Package & Tips for Dubai Safari

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The first step of a typical Dubai desert safari starts at about 3 p.m. Once you’ve arrived at your designated resting place, you’ll stay for about 45 minutes. Here in Desert Safari Dubai, all the Land Cruiser drivers congregate to deflate your tires so you don’t get stuck in the sand.

Dune bashing for 30–40 minutes, including transport to a Bedouin tent decorated in the manner of Arabia, is included in specific packages. All the inclusions above are part of the deal you’re making when you book this vacation. Seeing as how you’ll have some free time to explore the desert Dubai, you may also choose to go on other rides, such as a quad, for an additional fee once you get there.

Our evening will close at a Bedouin tent. At this quaint and vibrant outpost, guests may partake in authentic desert pursuits. The variety of sights, notably the barbeque and Arabian buffet, will astound you. VIP chairs are available at your table for an additional 50 AED per person.

That’s fantastic. All your favorite foods would be waiting for you at the table, so there would be no need to search for more. So relax with popcorn and a drink while watching the best live nightly entertainment. Upon completing the tour at about 8:30 p.m., you will return to your apartment in your vehicle.

A Desert Safari Dubai at night doesn’t have much more to offer. An Evening Desert safari Dubai is a fantastic event full of thrilling pursuits, breathtaking performances, and delicious Emirati feasts. This is an excellent opportunity for parties or families to see Dubai as it is. If you’re fortunate, you could even get to see a breathtaking sunset in the midst of the desert Dubai.

Entertainment Shows of Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance, And Fire Show

The highlight of the evening Desert Safari Dubai camps is about to begin. These kinds of live shows will make your trip to Dubai unforgettable. The Islamic nations of Turkey and Egypt are frequent locations for the highly skilled dance form known as Tanoura.

For thirty minutes or longer, the dancer spins in a thick, colorful skirt to the rhythm of the music. It’s a kind of religious dance with many similarities to Sufi dance. It is incredibly challenging since the dancer spins rapidly for an extended period and then stops without feeling dizzy.

One of the most well-known dance styles on Desert Safari Dubai, belly dancing, is a very feminine and graceful art form. The dancer dresses to the nines in an elaborately embroidered gown, and her movements are breathtaking. Sensual actions that keep the audience alert and engaged need a body that has been meticulously cared for and shaped.

The fire show dance is a rare and risky kind of performance art. Seeing the dancer do dangerous tricks with fire is an unforgettable experience.

Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate Desert Safari Dubai

If money is no object, a luxury Desert Safari Dubai package is your best option since you will serve like a VIP and provide the services mentioned earlier and facilities to the utmost extent. A personal driver will pick you up at your house and safely return there.

Alternatively, the most basic plan has you riding a bus with dozens of other visitors, who will only bother to pick you up at your hotel.

In addition, you stay in the most beautiful and lavish Bedouin camp available. The events are well-planned, and there is free, plentiful food of varying quality. More time on the rides and in the games means more fun. In the standard Desert Safari package, dune bashing lasts 10 minutes, while in the premium option, it lasts 40.

Here’s the basic Desert Safari Dubai package if you’re worried about the cost since you’re bringing a big group. If you want to get a feel for Dubai Safari without breaking the bank, go for the basic package. Only the “Luxury Dubai desert safari” can guarantee a memorable experience in the desert Dubai.

Tips for a Successful Desert Safari

Dune-bashing in Desert Safari Dubai is full of unexpected turns. To prevent feeling sluggish when bashing Dune, try to avoid eating a large meal just before you go. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen if you want to avoid getting sunburned in the desert.

Don loose cotton garments that keep you cool even in the middle of the day. To clarify, you may feel free to wear anything you choose. Low-heeled slippers or sandals are preferable to shoes since sand can quickly brush off, but shoes and socks may be painful to clean.

You won’t need to remember to bring any water or juice. Bring a fully charged camera to capture the fun, and don’t forget to get some extra cash if you want to splurge on any optional rides.

Never risk your safety by disregarding warnings or regulations. While the tour company will ensure your safety and return home, you should save 999 on your phone just in case. You may reach the police in any part of the United Arab Emirates by dialing this number.

Dune bashing during Desert Safari Dubai is not advised for children less than three years of age. No pregnant ladies should go dune-bashing. Back pain sufferers should think twice before attempting dune bashing.

The price for a desert safari in Dubai may start at 55-60 AED and go up to 1K to 1.2K AED. Prices change depending on whatever bundle you choose. Here’s an example: When to Take a Desert Safari

Dubai’s landscape differs from that of the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in that it has more clean and fine sand, perfect for tripping. In contrast, the sand in the rest of the UAE is often gravel.


When thinking about things to do in Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the Dubai Desert Safari, unlike anything else in the city. It’s the unique thing nature has to offer in an Arabian country.

Desert Safari Dubai shows off the more traditional side of Dubai. Dubai Desert Safari provides various activities, from dune bashing and sand surfing to a five-star BBQ and some of the world’s most captivating cultural performances at night.

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