What Are The Different Types of Personal Injury Cases?

When a person suffers an injury or ailment that may be physical, mental, or emotional due to the act of negligence or as a purposeful act becomes a personal injury case. In such cases, the defendant is eligible to claim against the other party for compensation for medical bills, missed wages, mental trauma, damage to assets, and other expenses. To make these claims, the person requires a lawyer with experience in personal injury claims and specializing in tort law. Lawyers from well-reputed firms like Johnson Garcia are often preferred as it helps with the success of the claims. 

Now accidents and injuries can occur at any time and place. It could be during day-to-day activities like grocery shopping or exceptional circumstances like in the hospital. While most cases fall under the general category of personal injury claims, it is essential to know the different situations that come under personal injury and how you can be compensated for the other party’s wrongdoing. Understanding your rights in such situations is also equally important. Listed below are the most common types of personal injury cases: 

Injuries/Accidents Due To Motor Vehicles: 

Car accidents are the most common cause of personal injury claims/cases in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents include trucks, cars, and bikes; the injured people could be the driver, passenger, biker, or pedestrian. Every year millions of people are fatally injured due to such accidents. If you’re someone who has been injured due to a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to claim your financial loss. 

Defective Products: 

Injuries due to defective products also come under personal injury cases. Instructions in the manual or improper product warnings can lead to severe injuries. It could include the drugs you consume, the products you use on your body, or damaged vehicle parts that may have led to accidents. A personal injury lawyer contacts the owner or the responsible party to assess the damage caused by the product to ensure you receive the maximum compensation. 

Medical Malpractice: 

It is not often that you get to see cases of medical malpractices, but they are not that rare. It is a sensitive topic that requires experts in the field to deal with. Personal injury lawyers with experience in the medical malpractice field will be a better choice for you. The malpractice can include errors during surgeries, giving expired drugs, not giving proper treatment, misdiagnosing a patient, errors while delivering a child, etc. 

With the proof of negligence during the treatment, the individual can claim rightful compensation against the responsible party, and in severe cases can also lead to the practitioner losing their license. 

Final Thoughts: 

Law firms like Johnson Garcia help you present your case and make sure to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve. Other personal injuries such as slips and falls, nursing home neglect, food poisoning, auto accidents, or workplace injuries are more common and can happen to anyone around you. Knowing who to contact in such cases is vital and what kind of compensation you want to focus on. 

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