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IT Staff Augmentation Before Pandemic & Now: What Is The Future

No one would have imagined such an unexpected state of movement restrictions and drastic life changes during a pandemic. The devasted medical condition shook the whole world and consumed almost 2-year.

Even now, the coronavirus cases are rapidly growing as new variants keep arriving regularly. In such misfortunate conditions, digital businesses have been left with the only option of cutting operational costs and hiring staff augmentation talent to continue the remote collaboration.

In the pre-Covid times, several industries went into shutdown mode while remaining adopted the changing circumstances. Working remotely has become a matter of then, now, and forever for most companies. Enterprises rely on the IT staff augmentation external hiring model to remotely collaborate with the in-house team and ensure development project success.

Staff Augmentation Statistics 

The trend of filling the skillset gap using the staff augmentation model is continuing with full force. The global outsourcing market was standing at $92.5 billion in 2019, that is before the Covid times. And after the pandemic, it increased to a level of $132.9 billion.

Even according to Gartner IT companies go digital by adopting augmented staff and Cloud services at a significant investment of $249.8 billion and $214.3 billion, respectively.

Also, the worldwide spending on external staff hiring was standing at the rate of $15 billion in 2019. It further raised to $18 billion in 2020, and the outsourcing market size at $413.7 billion in 2021.

Staff Augmentation Before Pandemic

Before the pandemic, digital enterprises rely more on IT outsourcing services to develop software by an external team. Entrepreneurs expanded their resources and further outsourcing the projects externally while relying on an expert team of professionals.

Also, IT companies bring a talented workforce onsite to work full-time for the organization and utilize all their skills. However, this scenario is fully disrupted after the arrival of an unexpected pandemic.

Staff Augmentation After Pandemic 

After the pandemic, the main objective of several organizations is towards economic recovery and business continuation process. Staff augmentation reduces much burden of the overhead cost of hiring internal resources, expanding infrastructure, and spending more on the workforce. It not only fills the remaining talent gap but also fills the holes in the pocket of enterprises to cover up the losses and look forward to increasing revenue.

Apart from that, some pointers reflect the exact position of staff augmentation services after the pandemic.

  • There has been incredible technical growth due to the pandemic, and the trend remains continues with the further adoption of virtual functioning.
  • The growth of teleworking is directly linked to hiring experienced and external resources to become a helping hand in software development.
  • Companies are realizing the importance of remote staff to ensure increased productivity and lower operational expenditures.

Why do Companies Rely on IT Staff Augmentation?

  1. Cutting resource hiring cost: Enterprises consider a contractual basis external resource hiring model to reduce cost and improve productivity.
  2. Focus on core business area: With having experienced yet external team members working effectively on relevant projects, you remain focused on other core areas.
  3. Meet capacitative issues: No need to arrange an additional infrastructure and office space for the new staff member. The augmented staff works remotely while maintaining seamless communication and being in complete control of your process.
  4. Enrich quality. The dedicated staff member already having a similar experience bring much to the table. It helps in enhancing the overall quality of software development.

How Staff Augmentation Helps You After & Beyond the Pandemic?

There are abundant benefits to experience while partnering with one of the top staff augmentation companies for projects. To be specific, some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Recruit in time: Save your hiring time, relieve from HR duties, and lengthy documentation process.
  • Scale-up & down: Avail the required talent whenever find it necessary and further scale down accordingly.
  • Bring specialized skills: Hire a specific technical skill set in terms of developers, UI/UX designers, testers, DevOps engineers, or anyone.
  • Outsource personal acquisition: Allow the staff augmentation partner takes care of the staffing member acquisition activities.
  • Save cost: Save on the annual paying model for employees and spend only for the current project requirements.

Future of Staff Augmentation Services 

The future of the staff augmentation services market will be on the brighter side. It is due to the increase in CAGR rate of 3.5% from 2022 to 2025 and showcases an incremental increase of 480 billion. An approach of augmenting contract basis technical staff remotely at less cost provides new opportunities to enhance productivity. Moreover, IT entrepreneurs should start embracing staff augmentation to speed up development and enrich revenue.

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