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What’s the Ideal Length of Explainer Videos for the Best Results?

Video material is preferred above other types by today’s internet-savvy audience. It’s challenging to hold audiences’ attention for a longer period of time, given that the average human attention span is 8 seconds. However, there is where explainer videos’ disruptive potential can be useful. Your best course of action is to include animated explainer videos in your marketing plan.

When you do decide to do it, there will be a number of difficult circumstances. The perfect explainer video duration is one of them. Should your explainer video be long or short? How do you choose the optimum duration for a video?

If you’re in the same situation, stop worrying. We’re here to assist you with some excellent advice from the best explainer video animation agency. By the end of this blog, hopefully, you’ll have a solid notion of what works best to keep your audience interested and engaged.

What Length of Video Is Best?

There is a theory that asserts that brief, to-the-point videos perform significantly better and maintain viewers’ attention longer than ones that ramble on. Therefore, it will be much harder to persuade people to watch the entire video if your material is sloppy.

The finest advice ever is to make your videos as brief as you can. The duration of any explanatory video you produce cannot exceed two minutes. There are several benefits to using explanation videos on social media. The ideal video duration is dependent on a variety of things, though. Examples include the message, the target audience, the platform, and the video format.

For your convenience, we’ve created a rough sketch of the various video formats and their recommended running times.

  • Explainer videos should be between 60 and 120 seconds long.
  • Video testimonials should be between one and two minutes in duration.
  • The optimal length of a creative commercial is between 16 and 58 seconds.
  • Videos for crowdfunding campaigns should be between two and five minutes in duration.

Longer videos have lost ground to shorter ones. These are excellent strategies for holding audiences’ attention who have shorter attention spans. But the actual query is: How brief? If you’re having trouble deciding how long to make your explainer video, continue reading.

Keep the script for the explainer video brief and sweet

A lot depends on the way you write the screenplay for your explainer video. A strong script is clear and succinct. It is both interesting and educational. But avoid trying to fit everything into a single video. Determine the preferences of your target audience and create a script that is worthwhile investing in.

Shortly put, provide a gripping tale that instantly draws in the audience. Make sure the call to action is suitable and that the objective is obvious.

Make No Effort to Explicate Everything

It becomes obvious that fitting all of your brand, product, or service’s information within the ideal length of 1 to 2 minutes is a very difficult assignment. In actuality, you shouldn’t attempt it. It is preferable to utilize this time to communicate the major idea that will capture the audience’s attention and win them over.

In an animated video, several organizations that offer explainer video creation services advise adhering to the conventional “beginning, middle, and finish” story format. You can begin with a brief explanation of your solution, follow that with a brief explanation of how your product or service resolves an issue, and conclude with a compelling call-to-action that motivates viewers to learn more about your brand and why it is the finest on the market.

Consider the Platform When Deciding the Video Length

Platform differences affect audience choices. The recommended length might change by up to 90 seconds, depending on the platform being utilized to publish the video. Why? Consumers of material across various mediums have predetermined views about it. Let’s examine the ideal length of the video for each social media platform.


Before scrolling, users like to watch brief videos to grasp the idea of anything before deciding whether or not to like or share. The 90-second Facebook organic video, therefore, gets the most views. The maximum length for a Facebook video ad that appears in the news stream is 15 seconds.


The best video duration for an Instagram post is about 30 seconds. Each Instagram story can have a video lasting up to 15 seconds. To create a longer instructional video, use as many cards as you like. But it’s best to utilize less than three. In a nutshell, your video shouldn’t be more than 45 seconds.


Twitter users like videos that are less than 45 seconds long and have content in them that is limited to 140 characters or less.


In order to keep users on the site longer, the YouTube algorithm prefers longer videos. As a result, YouTube videos now last, on average, about 10 minutes. However, you do not have to make a long video for this.

The appropriate period varies from video to video, depending on the target audience and genre of the video. You can choose how lengthy each explainer video should be with the aid of expert explainer video creation businesses.

Make the Video’s First Few Seconds Count

During the first few seconds of the video, catch your audience’s attention. Ideal audience engagement occurs early on. Additionally, it has been shown that the first few seconds of a video are enough to persuade people to follow it through to the conclusion or not. At that point, you must make your shot!

Don’t, however, start your presentation by dumping a tonne of material on your audience. Instead, spend the remaining time in greater detail.

Final Words

An explainer video’s main goal is to introduce a product or service in the most appealing and unobtrusive way possible. You should bear in mind that the duration of the video is important here and can affect how successful the marketing is if you want to get the greatest results.

Generally speaking, the shorter, the better. The ideal duration for an explainer video, however, is very dependent on your business objective, the characteristics of your target audience, the features of the product (or service), and the specifications of the platform on which you want to post the video.

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