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KBH Games – Review of Misfortune and Misfortune 2

If you want to play cool free games without downloading them, then you should definitely try KBH Games. They feature cool games from independent developers. You can try different types of games and discover new ones frequently. This gaming portal is also updated frequently, so you can find a new one that you might like. What makes KBH Games so unique? Read on to find out more about it! We’ll cover a couple of the most popular games and why you should try them!

Misfortune is a Choices Game

In Misfortune, players must choose the fate of the characters in the game. By making the right choices, you can save or kill your friends. You can play this game online for free, without installing any software or downloading any files. It is also available on mobile devices. Here is a brief review of this game. Enjoy! Weigh the pros and cons before making your choice:

Misfortune is a board game

If you’re looking for a new board game to play with friends, Misfortune is a great choice. The game is based on a simple grid board where the goal is to match blocks of different colors and form a full column or row. However, you have to plan your strategy carefully to avoid destroying your entire grid before you can place any more blocks. While this sounds easy, the game can be quite challenging!

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